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My Concern With Rust, or a Case for the BSD's

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2024-07-05 23:30:08

Rust is considered a "safe" systems programming language. If you've ever worked with Rust, then you know that utilizing one single library in a project will cause an avalanche of dependencies being downloaded to your system from across the Internet. What are these libraries and dependencies? These dependencies are, what the Rust world calls, "crates." However, what exactly is a "crate?" From the Rust documentation:

So a Rust crate is a collection of code, or it is a blob of precompiled code. Yep. Wait, what? A blob of precompiled code? As in, a type of blackbox? Yeah...continuing in the documentation, another definition is given:

I believe that "target" here is referring to a compilation target, such as 64bit Linux, or macOS. We might extrapolate that these collections of code, or precompiled code, are considered to be a "package" (as in, a unit of delivery) for the "Cargo" system. Cargo is a program to retrieve crates/packages. A crate "may also refer to a compressed package fetched from a registry."

A crate comes from a registry. The Rust docs define a registry as "a service that contains a collection of downloadable crates that can be installed or used as dependencies for a package," and that the "default registry in the Rust ecosystem is"

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