Field Boundaries for Agriculture (fiboa)

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2024-05-14 08:30:05

The Field Boundaries for Agriculture (fiboa) project is focused on making field boundary data openly available in a unified format on a global scale. We believe that the fiboa specification is a foundational aspect of agricultural field boundary data interoperability which enables and accelerates additional layers of collaboration and detail via custom extensions.

The fiboa specification is the first project to emerge from the Field Boundary Initiative, the first iteration of Taylor Geospatial Engine’s Innovation Bridge Program. The goal of fiboa is to spur collaboration between academia, the commercial industry, NGO’s, and governments towards adopting a common data schema and leveraging AI and earth observation data to create global field boundary datasets for agriculture. fiboa is a non-controversial application that enables developers and data consumers to focus on innovation rather than data schemas and mapping across sources.

The center of fiboa is a specification for representing field boundary data in GeoJSON & GeoParquet in a standard way, with several optional ‘extensions’ that specify additional attributes. The core data schema of fiboa is quite simple - it is a set of definitions for attribute names and values. The number of attributes in the core is quite small by design. The idea is that most of the ‘interesting’ data about the field will be located in ‘extensions’.

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