Spot the Next Big Thing Right Now

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2024-04-01 19:00:06

I've always believed the next big trend was just waiting for me to discover it. But let's be real, most tools out there are dishing out yesterday's trends. I was fed up with so decided to close the gap. Here's the secret sauce: Real time trends -- we have a sub 20 ms ingestion!

Trends can either help you ideate your next business, give you a sense of where the market is going, and can even help your current business find untapped ideas in YOUR market.

Papa Bill gets the secret sauce of market timing. Yup, the very same dude who launched a 270B return fund all about nailing the perfect MARKET moment. Go watch his 2-hour TED talk with over 7 million views where he explains that the survival of a company is more on the market trends than just hard work alone.

I've seen soo many founders believing that building the ultimate product will unlock instant growth and funding, as if they're the next Steve Jobs. But here's the hard truth: you're not Steve Jobs. But, what if you tapped into a market swimming in endless funding? That's where you strike gold. Climate Tech is riding a wave where founders can create a REAL impact, and money is flooding in because it's the trend to watch.

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