2023: Linux rusting away into non-FOSS territory – Build rnote and you will see

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2023-01-26 01:30:06

Linux 6.2-rc2 kernel is out as the last commit in kernel.org at the start of the 2023 year.  RUST is here, the initial code-base is included in the kernel.  At least Arch seems to be disabling it for now, at the beta level at least, we shall see.

Rust is not just a language, as people commonly think, it is much more.  It is a building environment, system, and a mode change of the philosophy of building packages from source.   Rust incorporates its own git system in pulling code in from 2nd and 3rd parties.  So if you have never gotten into the real FOSS practice of auditing code before you build, try and audit this stuff.  If building in C you thought was a practice similar to building sand castles, by comparison, this is like building sand castles with quick-sand ON QUICK SAND.

Rnote is a crappy little gui similar to the old MS paintbrush, like a childrens’ sketching pad.  No, it is worse, it doesn’t even save in popular image formats but only its own.  Autosave is on.  You get the picture?  This is gtk4 only “crap”!  Not only that, you can’t find a configuration file for it anywhere in your user’s home, and for preferences to be changed and be saved, dbus should be running.  Why does a kids’ sketching pad program need dbus to save its own preferences/choices/settings?

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