Effective Ways to Handle Your School’s Attendance Tracking Issues

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2020-06-29 04:43:27

Tracking and managing student attendance is one of the fundamental responsibilities of a school. Students who are absent from class more than they are present risk missing out on important instruction and interaction with their teachers and fellow students. Recording, reporting, and analyzing attendance amongst students helps identify potential issues and allows the school to correct absenteeism early.

Tracking attendance the traditional way, with pen and paper, is a challenging method because it is inefficient and requires a lot of effort to accurately maintain those records. Moreover, if teachers are tracking attendance for a large class, the data is unwieldy and difficult to sort and retrieve details.

Finding digital alternatives for tracking and managing attendance should be a top. A school management system can solve all the issues mentioned above, as it offers paperless attendance management and is very effective in comparison to non-digital methods.

RFID-based Attendance System. Within just seconds, Radio Frequency Identification can record attendance for every student in a class. A student is issued a smart card with a unique identification (UID) number, and an RFID card reader is installed at the entrance of the school or classroom. Students will have to keep their smart cards with them, so that when they pass by the RFID card reader, it can scan the number. The cool part is that an RFID card reader can scan multiple cards at once, making it easy to automatically record attendance of a large number of students automatically in mere minutes. An integrated school management system can fetch this data from the wireless RFID reader. It also enables school administrators to access the attendance data of several classes and sections in a consolidated form and in real time.

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