Locality Sensitive Hashing

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2024-04-01 12:00:07

At some point in every persons life they hear an awesome song for the first time and are curious to know what it’s name is. I was in this situation more often than I’d like to admit. Not anymore!! Shazam has been a great friend of mine since I first learnt about it in 2014. I was amazed by how easy identifying a new song has become. At the same time I wondered how they are able to achieve such speedy identification with a massive database of songs (>11 million songs). Shazam uses some advanced music information retrieval techniques to achieve this but one can implement such music recognition for fun using Audio fingerprinting and Locality Sensitive Hashing.

Audio fingerprinting is the process of identifying unique characteristics from a fixed duration audio stream. Such unique characteristics can be identified for all existing songs and stored in a database. When we hear a new song, we can extract similar characteristics from the recorded audio and compare against the database to identify the song. However, in practice there will be two challenges with this approach:

The first challenge can be addressed using a dimensionality reduction technique like PCA and the second using a combination of clustering and nearest neighbor search. Locality Sensitive Hashing (hereon referred to as LSH) can address both the challenges by

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