Black Silicon Carbide

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2024-05-13 08:00:04

Black Silicon Carbide is the product of silicon quartz sand and petroleum coke electrofused at high temperature in an electrical resistance furnace. The grains of Black Silicon Carbide are hexagonal crystals that are extremely hard, sharp, and friable, an

Black Silicon Carbide is mainly made from quartz sand, petroleum coke as the main raw materials and smelted by electric resistance furnace at high temperature. During this high temperature process the crystalline is formed, the grains are extremely hard, sharp, and friable, with many excellent features like as follows:

Low density High hardness Good high temperature strength Oxidation resistance Excellent thermal shock resistance High hardness and wear resistance Excellent chemical resistance Low thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity

We offer Black SIC in macro and micro grains complying with the current FEPA / JIS / ANSI sieve standards.   For Bonded Abrasives Application FEPA F Macro: F12, F24, F30, F36, F40, F46, F54, F60, F80, F100, F120, F150, F180, F220 Micro: F240, F280, F320, F360, F400, F500, F600, F800, F1000, F1200 For Coated Abrasives Application FEPA P Macro :P24, P30, P36, P40, P50, P60, P80, P100, P120, P150, P180, P220 Micro:P240, P280, P320, P360, P400, P500, P600, P800, P1000, P1200, P1500, P2000, P2500   JIS JIS240, JIS280, JIS320, JIS360, JIS400, JIS500, JIS600, JIS700, JIS800, JIS1000, JIS1200, JIS1500, JIS2000, JIS2500, JIS3000, JIS4000, JIS6000, JIS8000 For Refractories Application Macro sizes : 0-1mm,0.5-1 mm,1-2mm, 1-3mm, 2-3mm, 3-5mm, 5-8mm, 0-10mm,0-25mm... Fine powder: -200mesh, -325mesh.. Noted :Custom sizes and shapes are also available upon request.

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