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2024-06-10 17:00:05

I have been preparing for job interviews (looking to get into genai+backend roles you know). I like building projects and learning new stuff but job search is something that scares me. Partly because of the various uncertainties involved like places to apply, strenous interview processes, where I would work next, what kind of work I will get. It’s not the first time I am going through this process but it sucks (a lot in the beginning atleast). The other aspect is the grind.

I could be solving some leetcode problems right now, I could be applying right now… I have many things to do even outside job search - oh no - fuck fuck fuck. That’s sort of the state of my mind - atleast in the background. Till I don’t build some momentum, it’s easy to fall into procrastination loops.

Anyways, I will stop coping now. This post is not about job search It’s about doing the bit. Job search involves lots of randomness so I think it’s an apt premise for this post.

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