Will Solar Eclipse make Covid-19 Inactive ???

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2020-06-20 17:54:09

A scientist from Chennai had revealed that the coronavirus has broken out after a mutated particle interaction of the first neutron due to fission energy emitted after the solar eclipse.

The annual solar eclipse will occur on 21st June and it’ll be visible in countries like India, Africa, Pakistan and China. This Annular Solar Eclipse will make a sun Obscured from our eyesight. It lasts around 9:15am to 3:04pm on 21st June.

* All must Stay Indoors during Surya Grahan. * Add Tulsi to the Eatables. * Chanting of Mantras related to Sun God is advisable. * Especially, expectant Mothers are more advisable to stay indoors.

* Auspicious Tasks should not happen in house during Surya Grahan. * Solar Eclipse Should not be viewed with naked eye as it could damage the eye. * The normal-use Binoculars and Telescopes are highly prohibited.

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