Make Your Writing Shine 💫

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2022-06-23 15:30:04

Our collective of writers and editors has transformed countless blog posts, newsletters, tweets, and personal stories. We're ready to support your next draft, too.

Tap our magic button inside Google Docs and a group of open-minded and talented collaborators will contribute towards your work within 24 hours.

Autocorrect can spot missing commas, but it can't give you ideas on how to make a story funnier or how to make an argument air-tight. We can.

Here's a writing tip: Get others' feedback on your writing. With @0xFoster's free Chrome extension, you can get feedback on your writing in a day or two. I tried it for the first time and 🤯 I couldn't believe the amount of feedback and support I got. 10/10

I joined @0xFoster last month to level up my writing. It's a really cool collaborative writing group that edits your posts. I just tried it with my Public Ventures post: Huge difference! It's so much clearer and more organized now

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