Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai is seeing a ramp of delivery trucks with new equipment

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2020-06-29 13:55:28

Reports about these new activities were shared in a recent flyover from Tesla enthusiast and drone operator Jason Yang, who provided some updates about the Model Y factory that’s under construction. According to Yang, the roof of the facility is currently being waterproofed, and the outer walls of the factory shell are about a month away from being fully closed off.

Interestingly enough, reports from an employee at the site have noted that the number of trucks carrying equipment to the Gigafactory Shanghai complex have increased a lot. The reasons behind this have not been revealed by the electric car maker, though there seems to be a good chance that the ramp may be due to the near-completion of the Model Y factory. At this stage of the Model 3 facility’s buildout last year, after all, Tesla was also starting to set up production equipment at the Phase 1 zone.

With this in mind, it may not be too long before sightings of robots and other machines for vehicle manufacturing are spotted on the site once more. This, if any, could help Tesla ramp the Model Y as soon as possible, with the company possibly even starting trial production of the all-electric crossover later this year, despite the delays that resulted from the pandemic.

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