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2022-09-24 00:30:13

Here's how: Because I'm so in love with my own writings, I didn't want my emails to be forever lost inside the inboxes of my private email list. Therefore, from the very beginning, I've been posting the emails on my own personal website.[1]

Last week's email ("The Suck") discussed how one could learn things by writing them out by hand. For instance, if you want to learn poetry, write out poems. If you want to learn beautiful syntax, write out beautiful code.

The email was posted on the website Hacker News, and quickly became a top ten story (I think it reached number nine). As a result, 23,008 people visited my website and I gained many new email signups.

Given that the concept of The Suck resonated with so many of you, I've decided to share a related concept with you today (as opposed to my usual antics of… you know… writing about trying meat-only diets or about making my cat get an abortion).[2]

I'm not going to detail boring-ass research studies that demonstrate the power of longhand;[3] rather, I'll be sharing a story of a highly regarded writer named Robert Caro.

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