How safe is zig?

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2022-06-23 15:30:08

I keep seeing discussions that equate zigs level of memory safety with c, or occasionally with rust. Neither is particularly accurate. This is an attempt at a more detailed breakdown.

I'm concerned mostly with security. In practice, it doesn't seem that any level of testing is sufficient to prevent vulnerabilities due to memory safety in large programs. So I'm not covering tools like AddressSanitizer that are intended for testing and are not recommended for production use. Instead I'll focus on tools which can systematically rule out errors (eg compiler-inserted bounds checks completely prevent out-of-bounds heap read/write).

I'm also focusing on software as it is typically shipped, ignoring eg bounds checking compilers like tcc or quarantining allocators like hardened_malloc which are rarely used because of the performance overhead.

Finally, note the 'Updated' date below the title. Zig in particular is still under rapid development and will likely change faster than this article updates. (See the tracking issue for safety mechanisms).

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