Your own internet radio station in one line of bash | Zack Scholl

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2022-01-13 16:00:15

For several years I’ve been interested in easily making an internet broadcast of live audio or recorded audio without using social media apps (i.e. Instagram/Youtube/Twitch/etc). The most problematic for me thing about broadcasting audio is port forwarding (I’m often on devices that don’t have access to routers). To solve this problem I wrote a simple server that runs in the cloud which can handle any number of realtime broadcasts uploaded using a simple curl command. This allows you to essentially broadcast radio feeds with a single line.

For me, the hardest part about making an internet radio is opening it up to the public internet. I don’t have access to port-forwarding in many scenarios where I want to broadcast (i.e. broadcasting from friends places, or from a music device). My solution to the problem of broadcasting audio without port-forwarding was to create a free and public “dummy” server that handles any incoming traffic and forwards to any number of connected clients. This server keeps track of connected clients and routes incoming packets to them, otherwise discarding the packets.

You could then simply use a common utility like curl to stream data to this server to those peers. This is essentially what Twitch/Youtube/Instagram do, but I designed a server without any social aspects, its just a dumb URL endpoint that can consume and produce audio streams (or any stream).

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