N95s and Chinese underwears.

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2020-06-22 17:47:45

Amidst the India-China tensions and COVID problems, the title is just a smear. Let me explain some useful and meaningful science for a moment, something you could GAF about and not some theory nonsense.

When China’s allies asked for mask mass manufacturing china to send over some N95s masks, China did some world class trolling by sending masks made out of panties. Lets talk about masks and it’s efficiency for a second, debunk some mask-COVID myth.

The moment we think masks, we are used to imagining some kind of a sew or a porous layer. To be honest, I did too. Any such object will inherently have a resolving power. Grain sizes smaller than than that would escape. They don’t work with smaller stuff.

But, N95s are different. They can catch Big fishes and very small fishes. It is the medium size bitches that be giving shit. How big a fish ? Anything greater than 1 micro meter. How small a fish ? Less than 0.1 micro meter. It is like a love child of a grain sew and a spider web. Anything that hits, sticks.

So, the Big fish. What happens here is simple. A big particle, size greater than or comparable to resolving power of fibre cross-section, comes in, hits the mesh, loses momentum and settles down. *Dusts hands.

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