How to Deploy MySQL across Multiple Infrastructures easily with Walrus

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2024-04-03 05:00:04

In Walrus, operators declare the types of resources to be provided in the Resource Definition . They then apply different resource deployment templates to various types of environments and projects by setting up matching rules. Developers do not need to focus on the specific implementation of the underlying layer. By creating Resource objects to declare the types of resources needed and their basic information, they can flexibly automate the creation of required resources and use them in various environments. This shields the complexity of the infrastructure of different environments and reduces the cognitive burden on researchers and developers.

This tutorial will use a MySQL database as an example and show how to quickly deploy an application to different environments with Walrus by configuring two API objects: Resource Definition and Resource .

To begin, let's clarify some of the concepts involved.Resource Definitions are central to Walrus' approach to creating a unified abstraction of the upper layers of a multi-cloud, hybrid infrastructure. This approach simplifies deployment configuration.

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