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2022-09-21 13:00:12

↣ Pliant second generation web site      All articles should now have been transfered to this site, but there might have been glitches, so the previous site is still available.

↣ Pliant Cookbook      Written by Boris Reitman,      targetting other programming languages programmers.

2020-10-13: Pliant release 117 published.   Contains a native implementation of ACME v2 protocol (ACME protocol enables to automatically renew HTTPS certificates from Let's Encrypt).   Bug fixes for OSX 64 bits mode.   FullPliant operating system install code cleanup.   Dump files now check and are automatically ignored instead of crashing in case of address space randomization.

2020-5-22: Pliant release 116 published.   Much improved HTTP proxy, with cleaner code, but now supporting only modern browsers : better styling, upload, download, paragraph editing, images update, tab browsing.   Reworked run.pli script for auto-detecting various available services.   Anti-aliasing is now always on for the UI client, not only for fonts but also for vector drawings, thanks to a second, faster, algorithm.   Enhanced Dashboard for FullPliant operating system.   Many small other changes (diff is roughly 10000 lines)

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