DHCPv6-PD - First steps

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2024-06-05 22:30:09

The single most requested feature missing in OpenBSD base directed at me is DHCPv6-PD. Recently I got a working setup at home using dhcpcd from ports and a donated Fritz!Box 6660 Cable1, 2. Time to hack on this.

DHCPv6 is not wildly deployed outside of enterprise networks3. DHCP for Prefix Delegation (DHCPv6-PD) on the other hand is the standard to get IPv6 prefixes into home networks. RFC 8415 has this:

It is appropriate for situations in which the delegating router (1) does not have knowledge about the topology of the networks to which the requesting router is attached and (2) does not require other information aside from the identity of the requesting router to choose a prefix for delegation. This mechanism is appropriate for use by an ISP to delegate a prefix to a subscriber, where the delegated prefix would possibly be subnetted and assigned to the links within the subscriber's network.

This not being my first rodeo, it took me about 4 hours over a weekend to transmogrify dhcpleased(8) into dhcp6leased(8) and have it talk to my Fritz!Box. I have also setup ISC's Kea DHCP server for easier development and to not risk my production network at home. Of course it is not yet able to configure the system, but it can request a prefix delegation from the server and parse the response. This is enough to play with the protocol and work on the grammar for the configuration file.

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