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2022-07-06 09:00:08

Hi, I'm Peebs, For the last 8 years on twitch , I've been beating every SNES game and found that there really wasn't a good source for SNES manuals available on the internet. After digging through the wayback machine for a couple years, buying a scanner, making many good friends , and having almost 100 people on the internet submit scans, I can now present to you all: a complete collection of English Language SNES manuals.

This archive is 100% non-profit and meant for educational purposes. No ads. No patreon. No donations. All scans on archive.org are the rightful property of the original creators.

For a link to the High Quality US Set scanned and uploaded by K1rkl4nd, check here on archive.org These are the best scans available and he deserves infinite p raise for them ( 724 Manuals )

For our collection of community scans which includes all the unique pal manuals as well , please scroll down to the list below o r use Ctrl+F to search.

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