Community-Managed AWS Lambda Base Images for Java 19

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2022-09-21 17:00:21

I’ve added a new custom base image for Java 19 on Lambda to complement the community base images already available for Java 17 and Java 18. You can find the images on the ECR Public Gallery and DockerHub and the source code on GitHub. If you’re as excited to try Java 19 as I am, then these base images will let you get started.

The images are publicly available on the ECR Public Gallery and DockerHub. I will also make them available on the other major Docker registries, but I’ll make sure that at least the current images stay available on that repository going forward.

Using these custom base images is just like using stock AWS base images. You can find an example on GitHub at aleph0io/example-java-lambda-function. For convenience, find the Dockerfile below. Note the FROM clause:

The Java 19 images are all tested live on Lambda on deployment, but I have not built any production services with them. (And Java 19 itself is brand spanking new, so it could have bugs of its own!) Also, they are not (well) optimized for size, cold start time, or performance, so please consider them experimental, at least for now. All feedback and PRs welcome!

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