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2021-06-10 20:00:45

by Mike Wheatley

A startup called Lightbend Inc. is trying to get around the limitations of the serverless computing model that often prevent its adoption for more complex, data-hungry applications.

The company today announced a new, open-source developer platform called Akka Serverless today that it said will set a new standard for cloud-native application development. Essentially what it does is it makes serverless computing more accessible to complex applications by removing the need to deploy a database.

Serverless is a model that enables developers to build and run their apps without having to manage the underlying infrastructure. It has numerous benefits, the most important being that it allows developers to spend more of their time writing code. Serverless architectures are inherently scalable too, since they enable faster application updates and often the costs are less as developers are only charged for the compute resources they actually use.

So there’s lots of reasons to want to run serverless apps, but Lightbend, the creator of the open-source Scala programming language, says the model has some big limitations that prevent it being used by stateful applications. Stateful apps are named such because they save client data from the activities of one session for use in the next session. The data that’s saved is referred to as the application’s “state.”

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