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2023-11-18 20:00:10


Microsoft Ignite 2023 was one part a celebration of yearlong technological innovations, one part announcing the general availability of previously announced products, one part vision, one part ecosystem and four parts copilots everywhere.

Copilots promise a historic software-led productivity increase. Perhaps for the first time in industry history, we’re seeing huge demand for software coincide with the ability to make it easier to write software. Just as Amazon Web Services turned the data center into an application programming interface, copilots are turning software development into natural language, enabling many more people to create. The implications on productivity are massive and we believe will kick off a new wave of growth that will become increasingly noticeable throughout 2024.

In this Breaking Analysis, we give you our impressions of Microsoft Ignite 2023. TheCUBE Research Analyst George Gilbert and CUBE Collective contributor Sarbjeet Johal both weighed in for this episode and we’ll also share some recent ETR data that shows the progression of some of the major artificial intelligence players in the past 12 months and the the relative impact generative AI has had on each of their businesses.

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