First Glimpse of Review Units

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2022-09-22 06:30:32

Though it's very hard to convey in these videos, the most important thing we can confirm is that the image quality is absolutely incredible. We've been telling people that Simula One pixel density is more than 3x better than the Valve Index, and nearly 2x better than the Quest 2. But the difference between stating these specs on paper and experiencing it first hand is pretty vast. We can't wait until our preorderers get to experience Linux VR Desktop this clearly themselves!

The one issue we had is with the dangling VXR board (circled in red), which needs to be properly mounted in order to prevent it from interacting with our cameras down the line.

The Simula One displays support a refresh rate of 90-120 Hz. (We're targetting 120 Hz ideally, but we might need to throttle it down to trade off for more battery life). Currently our Review Unit is operating at only 60 Hz, however, until we are able to initiate DSC on our VXR board.[1] We originally requested help from Synaptics to do this, but have gotten very little support.

So far, we've been able to enable DSC on an AMD host, but not our actual Intel compute unit. The process involves modifying display stream compression ratios (through modifications to Intel's display driver), and adjusting bits-per-pixel settings on our displays.

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