iOS 14 Features lets double and triple tap your iPhone’s back

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2020-06-23 06:23:59

Apple has just teased bits and pieces of iOS 14 and, of course, most of its features are still left unsaid. You have big ones like the new home screen widgets and the ability to change an extremely small number of default iOS apps. Others, however, would be mostly up to developers to explore and dig up, like this odd but potentially handy option to get your iPhone to do stuff by simply tapping on its back.

No matter how we hold our phones, whether it’s the wrong or Apple-approved correct way, we will always have at least one finger lying on its back. Most of the time, that’s the index finger, a finger that is doing nothing other than providing minimal support. Apparently, Apple thought it was a wasted opportunity and is now using that finger on iOS 14 to tap an iPhone’s back and do something.

Found under iOS 14’s Accessibility Touch settings, the new Back Tap lets you map double and triple tap gestures on the phone’s back to an action from a predefined list. Those actions include showing the notification center, launching Siri, or even turning the volume up or down. As expected, there is no option to launch your own app, even just the camera. #iOS14 Back Tap: Double or triple tap the back of your iPhone to perform some actions quickly 😯 — Ben Geskin (@BenGeskin) June 22, 2020

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