Mercedes teams up with NVIDIA to make autonomous cars that you can actually buy

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2020-06-23 19:08:11

Mercedes-Benz will use NVIDIA’s DRIVE platform for its driver-assistance and autonomy in future vehicles, the automaker has announced today, including powering cars that can drive themselves from address to address on regular routes. The deal will see the first new Mercedes using NVIDIA DRIVE from 2024, as the German automaker revamps its fleet.

From that point, DRIVE will be standard – along with the new software-defined architecture that Mercedes is building – across all future vehicles. There’ll be a variety of functionality unlocked, but the most high-profile is likely to be an automated driving feature.

That, Mercedes says, will offer up to Level 4 autonomous support, though exactly when and where such technology will be offered will depend on a number of factors. For example, one feature Mercedes is promising is “the ability to automate driving of regular routes from address to address.” Other features will include self-parking and Level 3 hands-free assistance on select roads.

It’s not to say that all of the Mercedes vehicles to feature DRIVE from 2024 will automatically be able to do all of that. One of the key aspects of the new platform is that it will support regular over-the-air upgrades, which will also Mercedes and NVIDIA to deploy features as they’re readied – and as the regulatory environment makes them appropriate to release publicly.

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