The cover art for In Their Moccasins,

Choose your own adventure game takes users into the lives of Indigenous youth

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2022-06-23 00:30:04

The cover art for In Their Moccasins, "Creator Don't Make No Junk," by Afro-Indigenous artist Kaya Joan. The sketch is based on a quote from Elder Joanne Dallaire at the project’s opening circle.

Most Canadians are familiar with the history of residential schools and the harmful Sixties Scoop era. But many non-Indigenous people are still largely unaware of the impact of these major events in Canada’s history, and how they continue to affect the generations of Indigenous Peoples that came after. 

Now, a new online training tool is poised to help shed some light on those stories. Developed by a team of Indigenous staff and students, In Their Moccasins is a digital tool designed for non-Indigenous faculty, administrative staff, and students at post-secondary institutions to learn about the lived experiences of Indigenous students.

“It's fiction, but it's also non-fiction, because there are elements of our stories in there,” says Sarena Johnson, a former liaison with Student Affairs and the Aboriginal Student Services at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), who originally came up with the idea for the tool.

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