DIY Robot that Fetch Balls using Raspberry Pi & Arduino

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Super Jumper
2020-06-21 08:15:42

Want to play fetch but don't have a pet? Vlad from The Wonderful World of Vlad YouTube channel has got you covered with his new DIY robot shared recently. The bot uses a Raspberry Pi, an Arduino and OpenCV and can go retrieve a ball placed near it. 

This robot served as the maker's final project for an engineering class. It operates with a series of sensors on a custom track designed by Vlad. The robot can navigate to all four corners of its track and use its sensors to locate a ball to retrieve. There's also a little bar mounted to the back of the bot that scoops the ball safely under the machine for transport.

Vlad used a Raspberry Pi Zero, as its small form factor makes it easier integrate. He also tagged in the Arduino ATMEGA338P board to interface with all of the on-board sensors.

The robot has a mounted battery, making the unit completely wireless. It uses both a Pi Cam and a distance sensor to help determine the ball location. An LCD screen provides a readout of useful data, such as voltage information for the battery or real-time alerts and notifications.

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