The Web3 Marketing Stack: The Next Big Wave in Crypto

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2022-06-23 22:00:09

For web3 startups to thrive, their marketing teams will need to spend marketing dollars to acquire users efficiently. Existing marketing technology won’t work for web3.

Web2 marketing employs the cookie as the primary identifier of a person, not a wallet. There’s no bridge between web2 & web3 data, yet. The behavioral patterns in web3 differ driven by anonymity, communication patterns on discord and telegram, and the consequences of using tokens as user acquisition, as governance votes, and currency.

There’s an entire marketing ecosystem for startups to build - and it will explode as all the venture dollars web3 startups have raised rushes to find new users.

Web3 Analytics resemble web2 in theory but differ in practice. Of course, daily active users and cohort metrics will hydrate dashboards. But so will Discord user activity and token trades. Marketers must answer new questions: Are the people chatting in my Discord tokenholders? Who are the whales (the largest account holders)? How does my user base map to other projects’ user bases? Which users are trading my tokens; how active are they; where are they trading them?

The Analytics systems power Segmentation software. Once a marketer has understood the customer types, Segmentation software clusters users into different groups, some subset of which will receive Campaigns.

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