Demystifying cookies and tokens

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2024-06-09 22:00:12

I have been recently diving head first into the world of tokens and cookies. One of my customer’s is trying to prevent token and cookie theft and it has got me digging more information and deeper. I bet you have heard these terms and most likely you’re using them daily. But there are variations of tokens and cookies and some context around them that we should understand to see the bigger picture. Here’s what I’ve learned so far! Let’s start!

In this blog post we will reach and understanding of what web cookies and tokens are and what are they used for. We will also look at the most common types of web cookies and tokens. This post is not going into how to prevent token or cookie abuse. That’s a topic for another post.

Let’s first begin by trying to understand what web cookies are and how do we use them. The general term cookies in this article refers to a web cookie.

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