20 Questions a Software Engineer Should Ask When Joining a New Team

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2021-07-20 08:30:09

Different software development teams do things quite differently. Even within a single company, many of the variables can vary from team to team. As a software engineer, it is usually very exciting to start working with new people and on new software. On a personal note, I recently have started with a new team and on new (to me) software. Because this isn’t a regular or frequent occurrence, I took the opportunity to really think about things that I needed to learn in the short term.

Here are the questions that I think software engineers should consider asking when joining a new software development team, grouped by categories.

This is one of the first things you should learn. After all, you will be developing and running the software. Building is the first step!

CI pipelines are great to fine test errors, but to have a shorter inner dev loop cycle you want to be able to run tests on your machine as you develop to make sure that you are testing properly, but also checking for regressions. The pipeline should not be the first indication that you created or caused a failing test.

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