Secure and Effortless User Impersonation with Your Users' Peace of Mind

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2024-06-06 03:30:04

Show your users you treat their accounts with care and empower your support team to securely troubleshoot user issues with approval-based account impersonation.

The request is reviewed and approved by an authorized approver, ensuring legitimate needs are fulfilled and user privacy is maintained.

With approval, simply click the "Login As" button to access the user’s account. Address issues directly with full visibility into the user’s experience.

Open a request ticket in our intuitive dashboard, get it approved by a higher-up, and you're ready to dive into the user’s experience.

Our permission-based system ensures that all impersonation activities are authorized, putting users' minds at ease knowing their data is handled responsibly.

Enhance your support capabilities without sacrificing your users' ease of mind today. With Prudent, providing exceptional service has never been easier.

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