"The Open Society, by one of its Enemies” 

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2021-09-27 18:30:07

The title is from Ernest Gellner (ref. Alan Macfarlane) a colleague of Karl Popper. The miasma of Open Society was a kind of palace of Oz, a short hour, a pseudomorphosis of reality in the North Atlantic. Let me make it stand for a sincere “esse delendam” against the West. Heidegger, the prince, purposes to look directly, without the eternal persistence of the light of the god of reason, of the setting sun of Plato, the king.

There are two forms of government (“management of disorder” Agamben), government by consultation and government by legislation. Montesquieu's principle is possible if there is aristocratic (“meritocratic”) consultation or deliberation (cf. Karl Schmitt and Lon Fuller) towards a decision about the truth. If the light is “unapproachable” (St. Paul) there is neither “Seyn nor Sollen” in governance. Instead, democracy or legislation. A few hundred persons “represent” the millions or billions, Der Untergang des Abendlandes, “The Setting of the West”, happens in the declining light of the “moral god” (Agathon, Platon).

Academy-archy comes to power in this situation. The history of the guidance of the people by the professors began in the period of the Terror when the Ecole Normale Superieure layed down its foundation. The disposition to command of the professoriate (they who “choose their own disciples” Jacques Derrida) with the “counter majoritarian” fact checker (the university) that supplies the Open Society with its standard for true information which alone can allow the mass to rule itself is now violently animated. Nobles, priests, professors, tech billionaires have long claimed to be interpreters of the god of Reason.  

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