Getting Better at Counter-Strike

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2024-06-13 08:30:06

And to be clear, in that article – as well as in this article – we’re not really talking about Counter-Strike. What we’re trying to learn are principles and techniques by which we can learn to improve at any activity.22 If we wanted to get good at Counter-Strike, we would not do statistics, we would look up specific Counter-Strike drills used by professional players. They might not be optimal, but they will sure as hell be sufficient for an average player like I. The great thing about not being good at something is that improvement does not have to be particularly optimised to be effective. In other words, we’re actually trying to learn how to measure and decompose skill, and we happen to use Counter-Strike as an interesting example.33 I should also say that I’m mainly speaking of Counter-Strike the way it is played at my – very average – level. I’m sure at lower levels it’s all run-and-gun and at higher levels it’s 4D chess, but I can’t speak to that because I don’t play at those levels.

I have no excuse regarding the first criticism – that was my bad. In regards to the second my defense is that I didn’t really set out to try to answer that. The main question was in the choice of whether to engage or not engage. How the engagement happens was deliberately left as an exercise for the reader.

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