Map of Pontypandy in Fireman Sam

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2024-07-04 20:30:12

I want to introduce my children (small single digit ages) to tabletop-style role playing games, but they’re a little too young for the full deal. Instead, we have experimented with creating interactive stories where I give the children an objective, I narrate but pause frequently to let them make choices, and then I come up with consequences of those choices.

To keep it interesting, I’m trying to use settings they know from books and tv shows. One of the settings we have been returning to frequently is the town of Pontypandy from Fireman Sam.

Unfortunately, either I’m a terrible narrator, or my children still don’t have enough verbal skills and short-term memory to engage with the adventure. They grow bored and don’t really remember their earlier choices, so any long-term consequences are meaningless.

I have been considering adding a map as a visual aid, but there are no maps online of Pontypandy in its modern shape! So on a rainy day recently, we pulled up a bunch of episodes of Fireman Sam on a laptop, took screenshots of the in-show map segments, and stitched them together into a larger map. It had to be a very sloppy job in order to not lose the interest of the children, but they enjoyed most of the process.

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