Airport of Ladakh are full of a large number of Su-30 fighters, C17, AH64

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2020-06-29 08:03:09

According to a recent report from the Russian Satellite News Agency, India is sending attack fighters and helicopters to the East Ladakh area. The news shows that Apache helicopters equipped with surface-to-air hellfire missiles and CH that can transport M777 heavy artillery to high mountain areas -47 "Chinugan" heavy helicopter, while Su-30MKI, Mi-29 and Jaguar attack aircraft have been deployed to the area earlier. At the same time, with the help of transport aircraft C-17, C-130J and An-32, India is also airlifting soldiers and weapons to Ladakh. In response to this series of actions, the report stated that this was a clear signal to China that India is preparing for the escalation of the conflict. 

The Indian Air Force has a total of 11 airports in Ladakh, the main of which is Nioma Airport, a large airport that can accommodate An-32 transport aircraft. Until the transport plane landed, Nioma was used as a base for helicopter landing sites. There are six front-line airports such as Yuerdi, Dibrugarh, Zohart, Zerat, Mohambari and Lilabari, among which Yuerdi Airport is the most frontier airport.

The Ladakh region is basically mountainous and has very few flat bottoms. Therefore, in this area, the terrain is not only dangerous, but the mountain slopes are steep, but also weeds, winds and snow, the climate is cold, the air is thin, and it is very difficult to breathe. Naturally, there is no way to establish an airport in a steep place, so India has the only canyon and valley low, covered with the airport and barracks.

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