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2021-07-20 06:00:07

A few weeks ago I built a niche little app idea dubbed MeetingBuddy. You choose a target app from a pre-defined list (or pick any app on your Mac) and a time interval and MeetingBuddy starts screenshotting that app's windows.

where all of the screenshots are organized by date. But! while this is all going on, MeetingBuddy is also OCR-ing any text found in the screenshots and storing that alongside each image in a sidecar file.

(This all ties back to my Amnesia app idea, which COVID sorta derailed. Maybe I'll get around to finishing that, too, one day. You can hear me talk about Amnesia on this podcast.)

And whether you keep the screenshots and text files in folders on your Mac, or if you dump them into a digital brain like DEVONthink, it's super easy to search and cross-reference the text of what was on screen with the full image.

I don't yet know if MeetingBuddy will go anywhere, but if nothing else, it's given me an excuse to learn some new macOS APIs I hadn't dealt with before.

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