TARS - Focus on Microservice Ecosystem

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2021-07-22 04:00:13

If you manage or want to be part of an open source project, you might have wondered how to know if the project is healthy or not. You could choose to analyze different aspects of the project, such as the technical health (such as number of forks on GitHub, number of contributors over time, and number of bugs reported over time), the financial health (such as the donations and revenues over time), the social aspects (such as social media mentions, post shares, and sentiment analysis across social media channels), and diversity and inclusion aspects (such as having a code of conduct, create event inclusion activities, color-blind-accessible materials in presentations, and in project front-end designs). The question is, how to measure such aspects? To know if a project is healthy or not, metrics should be computed and analyzed over time. Besides that, it is important to have such metrics in a dashboard to facilitate analysis and decision making, and that's what this article is about.

"The goal here is not to construct an enormous vacuum cleaner to suck every tiny detail of your community into a graph. The goal is instead to identify what we don't know about our community and to use measurements as a means to understand those things better." The Art of Community - Jono Bacon

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