Electric and automated truck corridors coming to West Coast soon

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2020-06-25 06:09:22

States are making significant moves to get electric and automated trucks on the road. An electric truck corridor is in the works on the West Coast, while an automated corridor is coming to Ohio.

On June 17, electric utility companies in three West Coast states announced the results of the West Coast Clean Transit Corridor Initiative study. The study looked into electric charging stations in the region to accommodate trucks.

The study recommends adding electric charging stations for freight haulers and delivery trucks at 50-mile intervals along Interstate 5 and adjoining highways. Once approved, the project would be rolled out in phases.

Phase one involves installing 27 charging sites along I-5 at 50-mile intervals for medium-duty electric vehicle by 2025. Delivery vans are considered medium-duty electric trucks. After that, the role of charging stations will expand. Phase two includes accommodating heavy-duty trucks at 14 of 27 charging sites by 2030. According to a new release, 8% of all trucks on California roads are expected to go electric.

Not all of the electric truck charging stations will be in California. Five will be in Oregon, six in Washington and the remaining 16 in California.

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