SQL on RISC-V Chip in Rust

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2021-06-10 09:00:05

In the early of last week, we got one Nezha RISC-V SBC(Single Board Computer) which shipped with a single-core Alibaba T-Head C906 RISC-V chip made by Allwinner. We are excited to see if we can make some new interesting stuff for both Rust and RISC-V community.

If you are in the first time to develop for the RISC-V platform. It could be better to use the QEMU for RISC-V as your running and debugging target. As our evaluation, QEMU for RISC-V is one of most mature and performant platform for working with RISC-V.

To enable RISC-V development for Rust, you need install the target ‘riscv64gc-unknown-linux-gnu’ via rustup (or something way you like). Then, you need install cross-platform compilation tools like GCC or CLANG for RISC-V arch. And it is better to explicitly specify the tool commands in RUSTFLAGS way or as in our like config.toml.

There are many cross-platform-compilation ignoring feature warnings here. As our testing, these should but can not be eliminated by kinds of ways. So the only workaround is that you redirect the output into a file and check it with other tools.

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