Homebrew, Rosetta, and Ruby

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2022-01-15 09:30:04

Hi everyone! I finally upgraded to an M1. It’s really really great, but the main problem is that some projects I work on like TenderJIT and YJIT only really work on x86_64 and these new M1 machines use ARM chips. Fortunately we can run x86_64 software via Rosetta, so we can still do development work on x86 specific software.

I think most people recommend that you install two different versions of Homebrew, one that targets ARM, and the other that targets x86.

So far, I’ve found this to be the best solution, so I went with it. Just do the normal Homebrew installation for ARM like this:

After doing this, I ended up with a Homebrew installation in /opt/homebrew (the ARM version), and another installation in /usr/local (the x86 version).

I read many places on the web that recommend you duplicate terminal, then rename it and modify the renamed version to run under Rosetta.

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