Economists say inflation is easier on Gen Z, TikTok disagrees

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2022-10-02 13:00:29

If you want to know how Gen-Z feels about something, TikTok is a great place to start. According to new Google data, 40% of Gen Z prefers TikTok as a search engine. So it's no surprise when it comes to inflation, their hot takes are all over the app.

Pasha Grozdov, a TikToker with 430,000 followers has a bio that reads "your savage bestie, bringing you positive vibes," and his videos that dramatize everyday events reflect that sentiment. In one of his videos, he sarcastically mimics Gen Z and their nihilistic reaction to inflation.

It's not hard to find TikTok users who are just entering adulthood complaining about inflation across TikTok. From scoffing at the price of grocery items to the increased cost of fast food.

But not everything is fun and games. It's clear this generation has some real concerns, too. Talk to Gen Z off of TikTok and many express feelings of hopelessness.

Marcus Macal is 25 years-old and because of high rents has yet to be able to move out of his family home in New Jersey, despite working full time.

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