Teaching Tech Together

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2021-07-21 05:00:04

For my mother, Doris Wilson, who taught hundreds of children to read and to believe in themselves.

And for my brother Jeff, who did not live to see it finished. "Remember, you still have a lot of good times in front of you."

All royalties from the sale of this book are being donated to the Carpentries, a volunteer organization that teaches foundational coding and data science skills to researchers worldwide.

Grassroots groups have sprung up around the world to teach programming, web design, robotics, and other skills to free-range learners. These groups exist so that people don’t have to learn these things on their own, but ironically, their founders and teachers are often teaching themselves how to teach.

There’s a better way. Just as knowing a few basic facts about germs and nutrition can help you stay healthy, knowing a few things about cognitive psychology, instructional design, inclusivity, and community organization can help you be a more effective teacher. This book presents key ideas you can use right now, explains why we believe they are true, and points you at other resources that will help you go further.

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