Monitor ClickHouse with Prometheus & Grafana

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2021-07-22 11:00:09

Prometheus is a 9-year-old, 100K-line GoLang project designed for systems monitoring. There have been almost 600 contributors to the project with Fabian Reinartz of Google and Julius Volz, formerly of Google and now the Founder of PromLabs, leading in commit counts.

Grafana is an interactive visualization web app. The underlying codebase is made up of ~500K lines of GoLang and Typescript. 1.4K developers have contributed to the project in its 8-year history. The project's roots can be found in Stockholm with Torkel Ödegaard having contributed the largest number of commits to the project. In the past few years, he's commercialised support with Grafana Labs, a firm based in New York City with almost 400 members of staff as of this writing.

Open and type "ClickHouseAsyncMetrics_MemoryResident" into the large query box at the top, hit the "Execute" button to the right and then select the "Graph" tab below. You should see a line graph of the resident memory metric reported by ClickHouse.

The following will install a data source plugin for ClickHouse. This plugin can communicate with ClickHouse directly, including the ability to write SQL statements and chart them using Grafana.

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