Huawei is building $1.25 billion Cambridge Research facility

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2020-06-28 17:54:24

Huawei is going to build its research facility in the United Kingdom. It got a green signal from the Country government last week. The decision is taken considering the engagement of this Chinese company in 5G technology.

The $1.25 billion research facility, which will be nine-acre wide, will be the international headquarters of Huawei’s fiber-optic communication business in the future. As per the Chinese brand, this project will generate 400 new jobs in those regions.

The United Kingdom come up with a new scrutiny report of the company just after four months of shrugging off the US’s objection by the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and granting Huawei to contribute to the development of the super-fast 5G wireless network.

The whole thing will provide support to the present down falling economy of the UK caused by the global pandemic, as well as generate hundreds of employments that stabilize the current unemployment problem. As per the Vice President of Huawei, Victor Zhang, the research facility wants “to help enshrine the UK’s leading position in optoelectronics and promote UK tech on a global scale.”

The present and the future decisions of the UK government on Huawei may affect the relationship with the United States, as Donald Trump already added Huawei to the US Entity List, which is made up of the blacklisted companies.

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