The Nintendo Switch is back in stock at GameStop, Amazon, and Very

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2020-06-26 13:39:50

Nintendo Switch deals are back in stock across the US and UK, just in time for the weekend. We've been seeing Nintendo Switch stock flashing in and out over the past few months, barely making it to an hour on the shelves but this new wave of inventory marks a turning point. These Nintendo Switch bundles have been sitting on the shelves since yesterday. That means, while we don't know how long this stock will stick around for, the Switch may well be back in our stores. 

If you're in the US, you'll find this Nintendo Switch bundle up for $519.99 at GameStop meanwhile UK shoppers can pick up the Neon Nintendo Switch at Amazon for £299, or at Very for £279.99. 

We've also just spotted this £319.99 Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch bundle and this Mario Kart bundle back in stock at Very, as well as a £279.99 console available from Argos for delivery tomorrow.

That US bundle is looking particularly hot right now, with plenty of games included to justify the price and months of stock shortages keeping demand high. We don't know how long this inventory will last, which means you'll have to do some speedy clicking to make sure you grab yours. These consoles will arrive by the beginning of July as well, so it's not too long to wait until you get your hands around some Joy-Con. 

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