Zimbabwean tech enthusiast won grant at international drone competition

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2020-06-30 18:26:40

Our loyal readers would have come across the name Tawanda Chihambakwe by now. The drone professional absolutely loves drones and has been behind a number of cool initiatives locally including a drone racing community a few years ago.

Most recently Chihambakwe also wanted to help disinfect Harare’s CBD using drones but the City Council made sure that wouldn’t happen – but anyway that’s a story for another day…

Right now we talk about how, Chihambakwe won a US$15 000 grant earlier this year in We Robotic’s Unusual Solutions competition. The challenge he participated in was to figure out how drones and data can be used ethically to solve local problems.

Tawanda set out to build a “Drones for Good Network”. This would enable drone pilots, technicians, and data scientists to connect, collaborate, learn and grow the use of drones through ethical approaches to gathering, storing, and sharing data.

The Drones for Good Network was also intended to “connect and empower local drone stakeholders and create a space where they benefit from each other’s insights and experience across communities and regions.”

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