acording to this tweet ( full article for those who want

Bipartisan Bill To Repeal Section 230 Defended In Facts-Optional Op-Ed

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2024-05-13 21:30:10

acording to this tweet ( full article for those who wants to see it ) there will be a markup of tech bill next thursday and i am afraid that pallone and mcmorris will take advantage of that markup to officialy introduce that bill this week . And then put the repeal bill into this markup and send it to the house directly so if that scenario became true do you think there will be enough opposition in the house to stop that Bill in this tracks? And do you think Mike Johnson will agree to sunset 230 ? And in the senate do you think that there will also be a lot of opposition to sunset 230 ? ( I know that Lindsey Graham and Sheldon whitehouse wanted to introduced also a bill to repeal 230 they haven, t done yet as i wrote ). And do you think Chuck Schumer will agree to Sunset section 230 ? And last Question do you think there,s a way for a tribunal to strike that Bill ? If by woe it became Law thanks for your answers and sorry for the long post

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