Faced with sanctions, Russia wants to switch to Linux – TechDigs

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2022-09-23 12:00:31

In the context of the war between Ukraine and Russia, and more broadly of the conflict between Russia and the West, the Russians must find solutions to the various sanctions. A bit, as we also have to do the other way around… Faced with the sanctions imposed by Microsoft, Russia must find an alternative to Windows.

Little by little, Microsoft stopped its activities in Russia and the Redmond firm also blocked the various download streams. Indeed, Microsoft first suspended its commercial activities, stopping to market Microsoft Office and Windows, since March 4, 2022.

Then, Microsoft made the decision to suspend the distribution of updates for Windows 10 and Windows 11 on workstations located in Russia. Thus, since June 21, 2022, downloads from Microsoft’s site and servers are blocked for Russia. Even if there are ways to circumvent these restrictions, with a VPN for example, this does not suit Russians at all.

In response to these various sanctions, the Russian Ministry of Digital Development wishes to create new rules to record the separation vis-à-vis the use of Microsoft products. For it, the solution is already identified: Linux. Unsurprisingly, ultimately. It remains to be seen which Linux distribution will be highlighted… Or if a distribution “Made in Russia” will be created. Anyway, the transition does not look easy, because in Russia as elsewhere, Windows is very strongly present in all sectors.

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