The Grug Brained Developer A layman's guide to thinking like the self-aware smol brained

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2022-06-22 06:00:04

grug brain developer not very smart, but grug brain developer program many long year and learn some things although mostly still confused

grug brain developer try collect learns into small, easily digestible and funny page, not only for you, the young grug, but also for him because as grug brain developer get older he forget important things, like what had for breakfast or if put pants on

is free country sort of and end of day not really matter too much, but grug hope you have fun reading and maybe learn from many, many mistakes grug make over long program life

complexity is spirit demon that enter codebase through well-meaning but ultimately very clubbable non grug-brain developers and project managers who not fear complexity spirit demon or even know about

one day code base understandable and grug can get work done, everything good. next day impossible: complexity spirit deamon has entered the code and very dangerous situation!

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