Microsoft is shooting itself in the foot: A review of the "Microsoft Start" app.

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2024-06-22 06:00:03

Ten minutes ago, I downloaded the "Microsoft Start" app, which is advertised to you before you read any MSN article.

Immediately after pressing "Get Started", I was greeted with the crappy edge browser UI, with the copilot button dead center in the bottom toolbar.

The top carousel was filled with AI promises. "Scan images with copilot", "Explore AI", "Ask copilot", etc.

Pressing "Explore AI" took me to an entire section of the app filled with prompt templates and image generation tools. Why? Who the hell knows. 

Someone in microsoft sat down at a meeting, and genuinely recommended to add a Facebook cartoon profile picture generator to a NEWS APP. Remember, this app is advertised as a NEWS APP.

I exited the crappy AI section and tried to actually read the news. Most were absolute bullshit, with one being taylor swift, but the worst part had yet to come.

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